View events together

Special moments happen in your life and memories are created… through various events that we all have.

  • Your Birthday
  • Your Graduation
  • Your Wedding & Anniversary
  • Your baby’s birth
  • Your vacation/holiday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

…and so many more events…

Your memories are made with the people in your life that count. We all experience the event together, we all snap moments on our phones and cameras to save the memory forever.

In today’s digital age we capture the moments at our event on our devices, but after the event has finished the photos and videos are sometimes shared, sometimes emailed but often time passes and the images are either lost on someone’s else’s phone or laptop or archived into someone’s backup drive and you never get to see them.

Imagine a world where you could all send the memories to one place (realtime) to produce a combined and lasting memory of your event…   Somewhere you can keep them all safe, and importantly keep them private?

Here is how it will work:

  • Register your event  (
  • Invite your friends  (make memories together on
  • Now upload, share and post memories to the one place, videos and photos as they happen
  • Publish or keep private with only invited friends
  • Everyone invited at the event can upload & view the event
  • Live it, stack it, share it

You can decide who gets access to the video and photos and what privileges they have. You can share into your existing social networks the content that you want and restrict the content that you don’t want shared. You can keep out the Ads and the search engines. All the memories are published to the eventstacks file by chronological order to make sorting easy. You can choose to publish real-time or at the end of the event. You can create slideshows or video trailer and  share.. Publish in eventstacks privately or send to Facebook.

It’s your event, so live it, stack it, share it.


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